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The 50 Most Common SEO Mistakes Done By IT Company for Clients


Your online website is the backbone for your business. If its not giving any output to you then you always decide to close it . But you have consider these below points and avoid them so that you get leads from website .

  1. We start from the Domain name. Make sure your domain name contains the clients keywords. Clients dont know about the domain name etc so project manager responsibility to guide the customer about it. Explain the importance of the keywords services into domain name . If company not follow it then client suffer the loss of business and website not give them output.
  2. After domain name finalize company register the domain in DNS without WWW and some people include the www to open but they fail then website show blank not open. So make sure you work on one side used www also and into .htaccess on apache server set www or without so visitor work on one type of domain not on two like www or not used www. and is two type of domain which open the same website . So redirect them on www or without using code or server .htaccess file.
  3. Designer always empty the links so when clicked nothing happens. By doing this visitor trust on website gone and even crawler give negative marking on domain ranking.
  4. Some designer show too many links on home page to show the pages but its not good. There website structure is too bad and they not create any specification of website before making the website. Even not categories the functionality of company which help them.
  5. Project manager forget about the sitemap which help the visitor to navigate the website from any page. Even crawler will crawl the website without any delay .
  6. Designer and Developer will copy paste the content provided by visitor into website without giving any guidance to client about different keywords.
  7. Some using old broken links of pages into sitemap.xml file becuase pages not exists .
  8. They forget to mention the sitemap.xml file into robots.txt file so that Google crawler will find it easily and speed up the website to index.
  9. Some using lots of images into pages to show the great visual effect on visitor but forget about the content on pages which mostly liked by the crawler.
  10. Even some used the duplicate content into website. They use the welcome message and about us page content same even on the right and left column they show the small text which is copy of about us or other pages.
  11. Some time when designing and developing the page they forget about the meta title tags of pages.
  12. Some fresher employee on development time create the duplicate title tags into pages which create problem in future to come up on the top of search into search engine like Google and BIng . Becuase main factor of website is title of pages.
  13. Involvement of keywords into title tags also forget . Even too big title tags which is irrelevant .
  14. Developer forget about the H1, H2, H3 , H4 tags importance into pages. Into some pages they used too much tags and in some other pages they dont use them.
  15. Sometime heading is different and the content describing is differently which totally misguide the visitor on website.
  16. The heading is too simple and contains common sentence because Cortana is available into all window mobile and accept the voice search functionality into search which totally ignored by IT company.
  17. Not mentioned into the portfolio section in website so that they get a backlink.
  18. Not mentioned the client website into IT company social media website.
  19. Not added Google analytic accounts to see the reports about website visitor and traffic.
  20. In the local marketing they even not mentioned into local review websites, local directories, local newspaper , local school website and local charity websites to get good traffic and goodwill.
  21. Designer mostly forget about the images path and case sensitive name on server.
  22. Designer forget about the alt tags of images when insert content into website pages.
  23. Most common is forget about the mobile optimizaton in different smartphone in different resolution . Even don't care about the ipad resolution which used my visitor at the time of traveling outside city. They dont think about responsive website needed by customer. Even Customer not aware about the procedure of the website design in starting.
  24. Project manager forget about the speed of the server then not consider it when making website like for the customer. Even developer not checked the website speed and coding terms . which effect the website crawling time and bounce rate increase on the smartphone.
  25. Some time they even forget to link the relevant word from paragraph to relevant page into website which define the word in brief and help the visitor to understand the meaning.
  26. Some time they done the coding for mobile but forget about the meta view port tags into head tags.
  27. To do the work fast they just copy the files and forget about the file url and name optimization. they use the name of page like gallery 1, gallery2.html, page1.html , page2.html etc
  28. Give permission to Crawl all the website and admin area which is not good . Only need to give permission on information pages which you wish to show into search results.
  29. Some time they used too much time keywords into single page which create the content unnatural.
  30. They forget about to insert the social media link in website mainly on top or bottom of website .
  31. All mostly work for Google search engine the forget the other crawler like Bing which now playing major role in search engine.
  32. Sometime designer put the external file css and js path into header and developer copy them into bottom, result is two file mentioned into single page two time .
  33. They never use the video about office and worker of company to show real aspect on website.
  34. In ecommerce website mostly all used same product description page name in URL optimization without any meta title and description optimization.
  35. It company not suggesting the keywords using the Google Keyword tools which help the customer to select the keywords from the list which mostly used into organic search.
  36. Some are used too big meta title more then 65 character and meta keywords, description into pages which ignore by the crawler and give the website a negative marking.
  37. They not guide the customer to post the blogs into personal and business social media websites with the help of video and images.
  38. They not suggest the customer to use the free email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Vertical response which help the website owner to get the traffic and sale the new products easily.
  39. Sometime IT company buying the links to show good traffic on website. Its temporary solution of get traffic which is black hat technique.
  40. some time designer copy the content from other website and put it live which effect duplicate content into search result and get totally negative marking. Its illegal also and make your website rank down.
  41. Used number into URL like page-25.php, page-26.php. Rather then show the name of the page they used the numbers.
  42. Poor navigation options on the website and into smartphone which create problem to move into pages by visitor and result left the website.

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