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The job of the web designer does not end with designing of the web-site. The professional Web designer normally undertakes an integrated contract. He / she is expected to provide complete set of services, which begins with Domain booking and ends with Search Engine Registration, inclusive of areas like Hosting, Designing & Uploading. He will try to solve the SEO problems in startup.

Generally, clients are ignorant about the power web promotion or offline optimization. All they probably know is the simple way of promoting the site through a listing on search engines. There are millions of web pages, all over the net and only a few good search engines. This makes it very difficult to list all the web sites on the first few pages of search engines. The client expects this listing as part of web designing contracts. And as a web designer if you wish to retain him for a long period and expect him to pay your renewal fee the next year as well, you better provide him with a Search Engine Registration Service.

Stage 1 >
After the web-site is duly designed, that is - after the Layouts, Dicing & Converting to HTML has been accomplished, you must explain the importance of " the title, keywords & description" to your client. Please remember - refrain from the temptation of generating keywords on behalf of the client. The right person to suggest the same - is none other but the client himself - for he knows his business best ! Of course, you can help with the grammar, phrasing, etc. but the germ of the idea must come directly from the client. There are, not to mention, hundreds of articles, tips & tricks on search engine registration and positioning are available on Net, which is out of bounds of this article.

Stage 2 >
Copy & paste the meta tags generated from the title, keywords & description given by your client on all the HTML pages on the responsive website. Now, your site is ready to get registered with the search engine. But wait a minute ... it is here that you face the nagging question


Dont panic, however.

Relax. There are various methods of submitting your site to the search engines.

Do it manually
Every search engine has a link to "add your site". The link names may differ from search engine to search engine. Some call it "Suggest a Site". Some others say, "Add URL" or "Suggest URL" or "Add Link" & so on. Many search engines provide this facility on their Home Page, though a few good search engines urge you to select the appropriate category and then allow you to add the URL to the same. Thus, making the whole process, systematic and simple. Normally, the URL or Link Submission form will ask for details like the title, keywords, description, the name of the company, first name, last name, contact details, e-mail address and many other things, depending on a search engine / its search engine policy. Please take note that there is a restriction on submitting the title size, the number of keywords to be used and length of the description. Some search engines restrict the number of keywords to 10, 15, 20. Similarly, a title may comprise of 50 - 80 characters. The description may range between 100 characters to 300 characters. Done manually, it takes an average of five minutes (approx.) to fill up a form on one search engine. The process of locating the search engines, visiting each of them, finding the submission form & filling in the details - is long, tedious and almost impossible prospect, when you have as many as 1500+ search engines ! You must be aware of a few popular search engines like HotBot, Altavista, Lycos, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Excite, Alltheweb, Northernlight and also some from your country of origin. Add website business into Google My Business services which reflect the your business place into local search .


Target is always to get the good quality link so that good relevant traffic will come. Before using any auto submission software check the quality of the links. Mostly people now a days putting the responsive website services pages into Facebook , Linkedin and Twitter etc social website. On these social website people will share the link and more and more people visit the website make sure the website is mobile friendly in all devices. Smartphone users are on daily basis increasing.

Use free submission services or software

There are many services available, which allow you to submit your sites into search engines. This system is not without a few disadvantages, viz.: they may submit to very few search engines, they may be slow, etc. Since a very high volume of pages are received from such free services, the Search Engines have become smarter and they soon start avoiding the pages forwarded by such services. Better to hire the SEO company which do the work with concentration.

Use of Auto-submit Services by paying them money

There are certain sites which run this service of submitting your site to Search Engines, through their web site. Some of them use specialized software and for this purpose they charge the users anything from US$50 to 90 per web site registration. Spending money for such services reduce the bottom line of your contract and it is not of much use, since these sites also function in the same manner as Free Submission services.

[ WebPosition Gold ]
WebPosition Gold is a wonderful tool for automating your search engine submission process and that too, with 100+ of major search engine & directories.

All you have to do is fill up relevant details like title, keywords, description and contact details. Then, simply sit back and relax. Within 3-4 hours, the program does your job. A feat, which done manually, would probably take 7500 man hours! Thats not all! It will also generate a report for you with the date of submission, names of search engines and success or failure results.

In the case your Internet connection gets disconnected in the process, it allows you to select searching engines that are pending. Which means, you need not go back to square one - all over again. It creates the profile for each web site separately. You can show your Search Engine Report to your client as proof of submission. If your client is still not getting the desired response, you can resubmit with the help of WebPosition Gold. All it entails is a 3-4 hour job ! It is recommended that there should be a minimum gap of 90 days, before you re-submit your site. WebPosition Gold preserves the dates of submission digitally, thus making it easier for you to keep track of the date last submitted. It is the best tool for you towards ensuring full customer satisfaction, without losing much of your time & profit. Personally, merely by offering this service and executing it well, we have achieved regular renewal of contracts from clients. Almost all of them have reported to have got good enquiries and orders, as they are listed on top of the most important search engines.

Heres hoping this article will serve as a helpful guideline for you to avoid some common pitfalls and towards generating a growing and loyal customer base, who continue to renew their contracts - for their life time.

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