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What is the website design and development process?

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Website design process means to develop the website in particular method, in a number of steps to achieve the client target. A website process specifies the abstract set of activities that should be performed to go from user requirement, needs to final design. In website design process main vehicle of satisfying the software engineering namely optimality and scalability. Optimality means that the website process deliver the design and development in high quality in very low cast to customers. Scalability means it should also be compatible in the large scale of website life.

Website Design and Development management is essential for the success of a website and effective project management revolves around the web development plan. A website development plan typically contains cost and schedule estimates of the project. Any estimation about the website project is based on the properties of the project and capability of past experience of the company. This is assume that the process is predictable and if it was not predictable then there is no guarantee that doing a similar website project next time using the same website development plan will incur the same website cost and all other expenses. Effective website management of quality is largely depends on the predictability of the website process. Based on the past experience we predict the errors in the state or design and development and resolve it properly at the same time. It should be sort out that past experience in website design and development to control the costs and quality we must use a perfect web development process that is forecast. All the web development process should be statistical control on the basis of past development website stat.

Some time redesign and maintenance cost of a website exceed the originally design and development cost. If we wish to reduce the redesign cost then goal of the web development plan should be to reduce the maintenance effort. The important objective of the web development process is to produce the design and development that is easy to maintain.That is possible if developers and designer  frequently develop the website, upload it  and then hand it over to a different set of tester or called maintainers. The tester dont even belong to the development group but rather to the company contracted out the development. Some time writing the code in programming does not consume much of the programmers time. Tester will take lots of time to test each part of the website and write the list of error in the website.

Overall we can say that the goal of the web development process should not be to reduce the effort of web design and coding, but to minimize the cost of testing and maintenance. Both testing , redesign depends on the design and coding of website. The cost of finding the error in different stages is different , not same in each stage. Greater the delay to find the error after it occurs the more expensive it is to correct it. If there is error in the web development plan and in client requirements then the web design and code will be effected by it. To correct the error after the coding is done would require both web design and programming to be changed so increasing the cost to correct it. In terms of web design and development in each stage this means that we should try to check the output of each phase and verify it about correctness before move to the next phase. The cost of error removal is very high particularly if the are not detected for a early stage , if the error find in last client deliver stage then cost will be double in each stage.

Web Development process is a loop process. If any errors occurs in code phase then there need to change the design and again code it and again test it. Its a loop about design , code and test. If error occurs in test then again design and code. So each web process require verification and validation at the end of each steps. In verification inputs of the phase is checked and in validation output will checked according to client web requirement. The web development sequence of steps determine the bases of the input and output. If the output is fine the one module of development is finished. These input and output also depend of the implementation of the web development process. All  the activities are recorded about summary reports, resources, time spent, how many coder or designer, errors found etc.
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