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What are the Components of computer network?

Networking VPS Server

A network is a combination of different components. The most essential components of a  simple network are:-

    Servers: - servers are faster computers that run various software’s store and process information and also provide a human interface for the users to be able to use the networked computers.
    Nodes : - Nodes are the computers on the network, which are provided to the users to carry out their tasks using the network.
    Workstations: - A node, which is a more powerful, and can handle local information processing or graphics processing is called workstation. The work station works only for the person sitting in front of it, where as a server serves all the people on the network to share its resources.  A workstation usually has an inexpensive, small hard disk to carry out local tasks. Some workstations, called diskless workstations, have no disk, drive of their own. Such workstations also called dump terminals and they depend (rely) completely on the LAN (Local area network) for their access.
    Network operation system (NOS): - The network requires some software to control all the information transfer activity on the network, like the traffic police to control the traffic. The software called NOS handles these tasks. Networks, which are more complex, required network devices like hubs, switches & routers to carry out different network functions.
    LAN software: - On the network each computer is called a node or a workstation unless there are certain computers designed as servers. LAN cables connect all the nodes and servers together to form the network. In addition to its local disk operating system, each node requires networking software that enables the nodes to communicate with the servers.
    LAN Cable: - This is the medium or channel over which the information travels from computer to computer.
    Network interface card: - Each computer contains a network interface card. This card is used to connect the cables to the computer. The cards are plugged into the computer motherboard. These cards are generally called as Ethernet cards.
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